Is You Cellphone Making You Sick?

Is You Cellphone Making You Sick?

Is You Cellphone Making You Sick?

So is your Cellphone making you sick?

Radiation from Cellphones has been a debate since cell phones first appeared, but none of the research so far has proven that low levels of radiation emitted from personal electronic devices causes health problems to users of these devices.

Even without this proof, public health authorities decided to offer guidelines to cellphone users who may be concerned about possible dangers. A previous version of the California document was released earlier, with a little help from the court.

The first alert published in 2014 by the CDC, (Center for Disease Control and Prevention),  stated that there was no scientific evidence linking cellphone use to health problems.

A year later in 2015, the Connecticut Health Department issued a similar health warning.

In December 2017,  the California Department of Public Health released a document titled  “How to Reduce Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy from Cell Phones,” that they had been working on since 2009.

The California  safety warnings and guidelines state;

“Although the science is still evolving, some laboratory experiments and human health studies have suggested the possibility that long-term, high use of cell phones may be linked to certain types of cancer and other health effects, including:

• brain cancer and tumors of the acoustic nerve

(needed for hearing and maintaining balance) and salivary glands

• lower sperm counts and inactive or less mobile sperm

• headaches and effects on learning and memory, hearing, behavior, and sleep.”

The risks of health issues may be even higher for children. Due to their smaller size,  the same

Children and Cellphones

Children and Cellphones

amount of Radiofrequency Energy may affect a higher proportion of their brain and body.

And since they are still growing RF could have a more significant effect on cells that are changing and multiplying. Also, the earlier someone starts using a cellphone, the longer he or she may be exposed to Radiofrequency Energy.

Scientists disagree whether a cellphone is making you sick and how significant the risks might be. This document is intended to guide people who want to reduce their own and their families exposures to RF energy from cell phones, despite this uncertainty.

Since cell phones have not been around long enough to measure the long-term health effects of their use, scientific studies have not yet proven cause and effect between the RF emitted by cell phones and these health problems. As a result, science has not shown cell phones and the emitted RF to be safe.

How do you lower your exposure to RF energy?

The CDPH guidelines included the following recommendations. 

“Keep your phone away from your body as much as possible.

Even a few feet away from you can make a big difference.

When you talk on your phone, use the speakerphone or a


Wireless and wired headsets emit much less RF energy than cell phones. Try to avoid holding it to your head.

Don’t carry your phone in a pocket, bra or belt holster put it in your backpack, briefcase, or purse.

Your phone is emitting RF energy whenever it’s on because it tries to stay connected to a cell tower.

If you are not expecting any calls or text messages, put your phone in Airplane Mode.

Airplane mode will also turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, but you won’t be getting any RF energy emissions.

Never sleep with your phone in your bed or near your head, unless the phone is off or in airplane mode. Try to keep it at least a few feet away from your bed.

Take off the headset when you’re not on a call because headsets do release small amounts of RF.

Don’t rely on a “radiation shield” or other products claiming to block RF energy, electromagnetic fields, or radiation from cell phones because these could make cell phones work harder to get signal and thus emit more RF.

RF emitted by your cell phone will increase when you have a weak cell signal, ride a fast-moving vehicle, stream audio or video, or download or send large files”.

Here are draft reports on the two studies by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Go Here

So what this comes down too are four possible scenarios.

1. Nobody knows the real effect of RF energy on the human body.

2. The government knows and is not telling us, due to the possibility of mass hysteria and its impact on the economy.

3. They are waiting to see if people get sick so they can establish a direct link to cell phone usage.

4. RF energy doesn’t affect the human body, and these concerns will fade into the sunset.

I like number 4 the best, but I think number three is the most likely outcome.

So while we wait, it may be a good idea to follow some of the guidelines outlined above. I think the most important ones are, limit your children’s use of these devices, text more than talk and never, never sleep with your phone.

Sleeping With Your Cellphone

Sleeping With Your Cellphone

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