Car Cane Portable Door Handle

Car Cane Portable Door Handle

Car Cane

Car Cane Portable Door Handle

We have two cars, one is a Dodge Neon, which is my commuting car and the other is my wife’s Jeep. The Neon is a great little car,  it has some age and mileage on it, but it’s in good shape and gets me to work and back every day. The only problem, if you are familiar with the Neon you’ll know,  it’s very low and a little hard to get in and out of especially for my wife.

If you have just about any sedan and it’s low to the ground, you know what I’m talking about, exiting the vehicle can be difficult.

So what’s the solution?  The solution is a portable door assist handle. There a few of them on the market, so I checked them all out, read the reviews and compared the prices.

The one I like the best is a 4 in 1 tools. It has a built-in flashlight, a seat belt cutter, life hammer for breaking a glass and the primary function, a removable door handle; you have a super multifunction device all on one piece of equipment.


A flashlight is a necessary item that we all should have in our car. But you know what happens, we forget it’s in there and when we go to use it the batteries are usually dead.  The built-in flashlight is bright and works long enough (about 100 hours) for increased viability. And since you will be using it all the time, a battery check takes just a click of a button.  When it needs batteries, the replacements are 2 CR123A batteries.

Seat Belt Cutter

In the event of a car crash and you are unable to release your seat belt, for whatever reason,   the Car Cane Portable Door Handle has a seat belt cutter that will will set you free.

Life Hammer

Again in the event of a car crash and you are unable to open the doors, you can use the life hammer to break a door glass or back window.

The 3-In-1 Car Cane makes it much easier to get in and out of any car. Fits into your car’s door latch on drivers side or passengers side to give you extra leverage and stability.  Hold on to the non-slip grip to support yourself as you get in or out of your vehicle.

Hides away easily in your door pocket or glove box, for easy access.

The Car Cane Portable Door Handle can be a useful device for the elderly, an injured person or anyone who needs mobility assistance. The Portable Door handle is the best emergency device on the market.

Having this movable handle in any car is essential for the sake of both the convenience and safety of you and your passengers.


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